How to Save 20% and More on your Appliances!

How to Save 20% and More on Lowes Appliances


Recently we had a couple posts showing how easy it is to pickup Lowes Coupons and Gift Cards from eBay. With the 4th of July coming up (or any major holiday) stores take advantage and provide discounts and rebates on major appliances. While seeing an appliance discounted 20%, 25% or even 40% is very attractive, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Follow along as we can almost double the discount!

For this example, we are using a Samsung washer and dryer from Lowes. I have similar units at home and can attest that they work wonderfully.

The current pricing on these models is $599, discounted from $799. By taking advantage of their seasonal sale we are saving 25%, but that’s nothing. The next step is to add a coupon.

Three 3x Lowes 10% OFF3Coupons-InStore and Online-Fastest Delivery-----

End Date: Friday Feb-15-2019 0:31:53 PST
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Lowes Coupon $20 Off $100 Purchase

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By going on eBay and picking up a Lowes Coupon like the one above, we can take off 10% from the purchase price. That leaves our out the door amount (the amount that will be charged to your credit card) at:

  • Original Price: $1,598 ($799 for each Unit)
  • Seasonal Sale Price: $1,198 ($599 for each Unit)
  • Less 10% Coupon: $1,078.20 ($119.80 in Savings)

Before we make this purchase we are going to make sure that we are using the best Credit Card available. While the Lowes’ card will give you 5% off every purchase. They won’t stack it with the 10% coupon used above. So we need to use another card. Discover will usually have a 5% off revolving period for major stores, or the Chase Freedom card, which does the same.  You can also use Gift Cards from eBay to get up to 20% off, but for this purpose let’s assume you get 5% off. That puts our appliance purchase looking like this:

  • Less 10% Coupon: $1,078.20 ($119.80 in Savings)
  • Less 5% Credit Card Savings: $1,024.29 ($53.91 – 173.71 in Total Savings)

Before we click purchase though, we’re going to make sure that we activated our eBates Cash Back. (That affiliate link will give you an additional $10 back from eBates, plus help out our site!) By using eBates you can get 1.5% Cash Back on your purchase, which will put our appliance purchase here:

  • Less 5% Credit Card Savings: $1,024.29 ($53.91 – 173.71 in Total Savings)
  • Less eBates Cash Back: $1,008.12 ($16.17 in Savings – $189.88 in Total Savings)

Our next step is the manufacturer’s rebate. Currently, these Samsung models have a rebate in place if you buy multiple units. In this case, if you buy 2 appliances you get an extra $50 off. The more units you buy the greater the discount, so it’s good to buy your appliances in bulk. That puts our appliance purchase looking like this:

  • Less eBates Cash Back: $1,008.12 ($16.17 in Savings – $189.88 in Total Savings)
  • Less Manufacturer’s Rebate: $958.12 ($50 in Saving – $239.88 in Total Savings)

So the total cost of the Washer and Dryer will come out to $958.12, meaning you saved $239.88. That comes out to over 20% in saving! If you take into account the appliances original purchase price, you would have saved over 40%!

So there you have it. Go out and do some DIY projects during this vacation season and maximize your saving! If you appreciate the tips please support the site by using our eBay and eBates links above, or any of our Amazon affiliate links. Every bit helps!