Getting Lowe’s Gift Cards on eBay!

Lowe's Gift Card


A couple of weeks ago we posted about purchasing Lowe’s coupons on eBay, and while that is an excellent first step, there is so much more you can do to save money on your DIY projects. Continuing the theme with Lowe’s (which I’m a big fan of) let’s look at saving a couple more percentage points using gift cards!

Why just a couple of percentage points you may ask? Well, 1%, 2% or whatever amount you may save might not seem like a lot, but it’s these little cost-cutting efforts that add up big over time. It’s easy to look at a 2% savings and disregard it. After all, why go through the effort for such a pittance. But, if your home upgrades are going to amount to $100k, then all of a sudden that 2% is $2,000. Not so negligible anymore.  Unfortunately, there’s an effort to all these savings, but hang in there, it’s worth it. With that, let’s see how we can save a few more bucks on our next trip to Lowe’s.

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Now, there’s going to be two different type of gift cards. The first, which is a normal generic new gift card, is very secure but difficult to find discounted. I’ve had excellent luck buying these from an eBay seller (svmgiftcards). These usually cost $90 for a $100 gift card. So a very healthy 10% savings. The selection above will show if they have any currently available.

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The second type of card will be a merchandise return card or store credit. Basically, someone returned an item at Lowe’s, and instead of using the store credit, they are selling it to you. This isn’t as ideal because you are relying on the seller to make sure the card is authentic. That being said, you can find some significant savings. Just make sure if you do buy one go through PayPal and use a credit card. That way you have multiple layers of protection on the off chance the card is not on the up and up.

Next time you have a Lowe’s trip planned, get yourself some coupons and a gift card on eBay. It’s a nice, easy way to save money (and I prefer shopping at Lowe’s anyway.) If you appreciate the tips please support the site by using our eBay links above or any of our Amazon affiliate links. Every bit helps!