Getting Lowe’s Coupons on eBay!


Lowes Coupon

Something we’ve been meaning to do more and more here on the site is provide people with budgeting and money saving tips. Some of you will be on this site because you want to naturally do things yourself, but most of us do things ourselves to save a few extra bucks. I thought a great first example is the coupons you can get for Lowe’s online.

Lowe’s offers a lot of coupons. Typically though, you can only get them when you move to a new address or set up a new account. What type of coupons? There a large number available; $10 off $50, $20 off $100, $25 off $250, or a blanket 10% off. Needless to say, these can be significant.

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How significant? Per my estimation, I’ve saved close to $1,500 over the past 3 years. Now, that means I’ve spent at least $15,000 at Lowe’s. But, when you calculate the cost of appliances, bathroom fixtures, insulation material, drywall, and god knows what else, that amount goes up quickly. What does that signify to the home renovator? $1,500 can represent the cost of renovating a closet, a half bathroom, or whatever. At the end of the day, it’s significant savings.

The easiest way the get Lowe’s coupons (other than moving to a new house) is on eBay. You can see our current selection of coupons above. The sellers usually price them very affordably, a few dollars at the most. How do they get them? I assume they create thousands of accounts, but if Lowe’s isn’t complaining, neither am I.

So the next time you need to buy something on Lowe’s, go ahead and get yourself some coupons on eBay. There’s more to it than that though. Below are some tips to maximize your savings:

  • Make sure you are buying the right coupon. Some can be used in store, and others can only be used online. I never use a competitor coupon. Always try to get a legit Lowe’s coupon to avoid any issues! (I’ve never used a competitors coupon at Lowe’s, not my thing. I believe you can, but it seems unnecessary considering how easy the process already is.)
  • The best value is $20 off $100. That’s 20% off!
  • You can make multiple purchases to maximize your coupons. Picking up a number of items that come close to $200? Instead of using one 10% coupon, break that purchase up into two sets and use two $20 off $100 coupons.
  • Always check the Expiration Date!
  • Remember, that if you purchase something using a coupon and part of that purchase is canceled (lack of inventory, back ordered, etc.), your coupon can be nullified if the total purchase price falls under the designated threshold. Say you made a $110 order and you got $20 off, but there was a product missing, which then knocked your order down to $95. That $20 off is now gone, so always double check!

That’s it! It’s a nice, easy way to save money (and I prefer shopping at Lowe’s anyway.) If you appreciate the tips please support the site by using our eBay links above or any of our Amazon affiliate links. Every bit helps!