Welcome to Smart Enough to DIY!

In this little corner of the internet you’ll be joining me in a plethora (or what will be) of do-it-yourself projects, from home renovations to automotive repair and everything in between.

It’s my belief that most home improvements, car repairs, furniture hacks, gadget hookups… Well… That virtually anything can be accomplished with a bit of effort. Join me as I take on a multitude of projects. I’ll scour the Net for information, browse through forums, compile data and generally function as your personal guinea pig, so that you can have the knowledge and confidence to do these projects on your own.

So who am I anyway???

First and foremost I’m a guy with no formal construction or mechanical education. I have what can be considered an extensive education, with an MBA from a top university, but in no way have I been trained to do what you will find here on these pages. I say this because I feel most projects can be accomplished given the proper preparation and a healthy dose of common sense. We’re all capable of doing much more than what we think we can.

Naturally inquisitive, I’ve taken things apart since I was a little boy. As such, with the innocence of a child and the hubris of a teenager I started on my DIY lifestyle the day my parents bought me my first car (cause why pay $500 for a newly installed carpet when you can do it yourself for a third of the price?). Since then I’ve seen the benefits of working on your own projects first hand, and have acquired a keen sense of determining when something is outside of my capabilities.

Motivation for Smart Enough to DIY?

Like most teenage boys I had a love for cars, so when I was presented a vehicle of my own I had a long list of things I wanted to do… but no money. So I learned how to do them myself. Then one day years later I found myself making a steady income, so instead of doing something myself, I hired someone to do it for me… That’s when I realized a number of truths that are the direct motivation for this site.

  • Just because you’re paying someone to do something, doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing
  • The level of care you’ll bring to a project will almost always exceed that of someone you hire
  • It’s really not that difficult to use a drill
  • That pain in your wallet from hiring someone becomes infinitesimally more poignant when you have to spend hours to fix it and do it right
  • The Internet has information on doing almost anything, just do your research
  • When you pay for a cookie cutter upgrade you’ll end up with the same upgrade as your neighbor… There’s only one way to truly create something unique and custom to your tastes
  • When you price out a project because you don’t have the specific tools, it’s usually still more expensive than buying the tools and doing it yourself
  • And finally… When you DIY you also gain a sense of accomplishment and pride

So you like to do thing yourself and save some ca$h… Why the website?

Along with an MBA I also have degrees in Marketing and English Literature. Thus, given my education and my tastes in life, I never thought I would be castigated into a financial role in corporate America…but here I am. My day job, while paying the bills, is mind numbing. So, like most bloggers I have a yearning to create and share. To tell stories and flex my creative mind. While I’ve tried a number of avenues regarding a writing career, nothing has really hit. Then in late 2014, early 2015 my wife and I had our first baby and bought our first house. All of a sudden it hit me, what better way to hone my desired craft and get in the practice that I need than by sharing with the world our DIY journey? With this I realized I have an opportunity to really crank up the projects! It was no longer about upgrading the suspension on my car, or dropping a bigger SSD in my laptop, it was about the kitchen I would be cooking in and the bedroom my daughter would be resting her head in at night.

With all this in mind I hope you’ll join me in the coming years as I work on all sorts of projects. They’ll run the gamut from concise to long, from bargain bin upgrades to top of the line remodels. You’ll see articles touching on all types of subjects:

  • Home Upgrades & Renovations
  • Interior and Furniture projects
  • Automotive Repairs and Upgrades
  • Product Reviews
  • Setting up and maintaining/upgrading a Blog (which I have zero experience in)
  • Blog Income Review (who doesn’t have an income related post these days?)

In the end I can promise you that I’ll do my best on each and every project and I’ll be honest with my results and costs. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope you get as much out of it as I do!